Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils to consume, with more than a dozen scientifically-proven health benefits.  It’s antioxidant properties have been shown to boost brain function after only one dose.  Studies support this showing that one tablespoon of coconut oil daily can increase the good cholesterol (HDL) whilst reducing body-mass and waist circumference at the same time.

Coconut oil has been proven to reduce wound-healing time when applied topically due to its antioxidant activity.  Whilst it is a saturated fat coconut oil is not in the same category as other processed or hydrogenated fats.

These fats can boost fat burning and provide your body and brain with quick energy.

Coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA).  Around 62 percent of the oils are made up of these unique fats including:

MCFA are digested a lot quicker than long chain fatty acids with benefits including:

  • Easier to digest
  • Not readily stored as fat
  • Antimicrobial and antifungal
  • Smaller in size, allowing easier cell permeability for immediate energy

Processed by the liver, which means that they’re immediately converted to energy instead of being stored as fat.


Some evidence-based benefits of coconut include;


  • Coconut oil can increase fat burning especially in the abdominal area
  • It can kill harmful micro-organisms (antibacterial properties)
  • increases satiety, reducing hunger and making you eat less
  • May help to reduce seizures
  • Can help raise HDL (good cholesterol)
  • protects hair, skin and dental health
  • the fatty acids in Coconut oil can help boost brain function in patients of Alzheimer’s






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