Nutritional Consultation

Initial Consultation

A full case history will be taken including medical history, lifestyle, work/life balance, stress and dietary habits to ascertain a full picture of you as an individual and to pinpoint  any imbalances or deficiencies.

Together we will discuss your goals and desired outcomes.  Further testing may be necessary to detect any nutritional deficiencies and food intolerances.

Personalised meal plans, will be provided that will incorporate your individual nutritional needs and tastes.  Easy recipes will be provided where needed to ensure stress free compliance.

Additional supplementation may be prescribed as necessary along with dietary recommendations at time of appointment.

Personalised dietary meal plans will take approximately a week for your practitioner to formulate.

These will be provided during your follow-up consultation.

Cost $110

(Healthcare rebates available depending on level of cover)


Service Features

Functional Pathology

Functional pathology tests are used to investigate functional, nutritional, biochemical, metabolic and hormonal status.  This testing assists practitioners to evaluate, manage and treat patients in a holistic manner.  It is a tool for early intervention and to assist monitoring ongoing treatment efficiency.  The tests are designed for ease of use, so patients can collect specimens in the privacy of their own home or attend a pathology lab near their home.

Hair Test 500

Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis is a screening test that can identify the influence (either negative or positive) that each of a wide range of products has on the individual body.  It helps to determine which foods and products should be avoided and which can be included.  The standard test covers a list of 500 items including all food groups, bathroom, laundry, gluten-free and kitchen products.  By avoiding foods that are causing intolerances and impeding healing we allow the body to repair at a cellular level.  These foods may eventually by re-introduced.

Zinc Test

Zinc is essential to good health.  Zinc dependent enzymes are involved in dozens of health defining metabolic functions.  It is necessary for healthy mental function and mood, hormone production, energy, protein synthesis, response to stress and taste acuity.Zinc assessment is very important.  As part of your initial consultation we will use the zinc tally test to check levels.  This non-invasive test involves placing a small amount of Aqueous Zinc solution in the mouth and holding it there for 10-15 seconds.  The initial taste you experience will determine your zinc levels.


Bio-Impedance Analysis

This non-invasive test measures body fat, segmental body fat, total body water, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolism age, muscle mass, segmental muscle mass and physique rating to give you an overall view of the condition of your health.  The ratios of waist to hip and waist to height are measured and ratios calculated.  These ratios have been shown in scientific studies to be a very good predictor of any cardiovascular disease and stroke risk.  The BIA system calculates the clients Basal Metabolic Rate and calculates the calorie intake, protein, carbohydrate and fat ratio for each clients’ individual needs.  

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