Follow Up Appointment

Naturopathic Follow Up

Typically between 30-45 mins

Our follow-up consultation may be conducted anywhere between 1-4 weeks after initial consult depending on the individual clients needs and presenting symptoms.  This is where we review and monitor any changes or new symptoms and discuss any test results.  I will ask about any changes to your medications, diet or lifestyle that may impact our treatment goals.  We will then tweak the treatment plan and look at adding new nutrient supplements or herbal remedies and make any adjustments as necessary.  This could be dependant on test results or progress the client is displaying.  Together we will work towards improving your health and vitality, always in consultation with the client to ensure any changes are not disruptive, help with compliance and work towards the long term treatment goals.


Nutritional Medicine Follow Up

Typically between 30-45 mins

Our follow-up consultation may be conducted anywhere betwen 1-4 weeks after the initial consult.  This will vary depending on the clients presenting symptoms, needs and goals.  During this consult we will review any changes and monitor how the client is progressing with the diet and meal plans.  We will discuss any changes to medications or lifestyle that may impact compliancy or treatment goals.  We will look at any test results, if testing has been done, and add nutritional supplements if needed or tweak meal and diet plans to suit.  Any changes we make to meal plans will be in conjuntion with the client to ensure compliance and therefore success of long term treatment goals.


Service Features


Herbs have been used traditionally for thousands of years to treat and heal ailments and disease.   A large section of the world still use herbal medicine as their primary source of healthcare as they are effective, affordable, closely correspond to the patient’s ideology, allays concerns about the adverse effects of chemical (synthetic) medicines and can be personalized to the individual and their healthcare needs.



Your eyes are a unique window into health.  Iridology is a tool that allows the practitioner to identify any underlying or genetic susceptibilities about a patients’ health. This is done by careful examination of the iris and then matched against an iris chart that correlates organs to areas in the iris.  It can help identify systems and organs in your body that may be inflamed, or over- or underactive and give an indication of any weaknesses.   It cannot, however, diagnose specific diseases.

Flower Essences

Flower essences work in a very subtle way, are catalysts for emotional change and work by stimulating awareness. Many people report general but discernible differences with flower essences.  These inner changes may take time to notice and becoming aware of them may take some practice.   An individual blend of essences are prescribed to suit the emotional needs for each particular patient.  These remedies are energetics and harmless.



We all eat to live but it is what we eat that is vitaly important.  All food has different nutrients so if we are not eating a wide variety of nutrient dense fresh fruits and vegetables and eating too many processed or refined foods we may be missing out on many essential vitamins and minerals.  Deficiences of these nutrients can have profound affects on our body’s and can contribute to hormone imbalances, muscle pain and headaches.



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