Natural Medicine has been used traditionally for thousands of years. This has ensured a wealth of knowledge has been passed down through the generations.

Scientific testing is now confirming this long held knowledge. The active ingredients in some herbs are the basis of today’s common medicines. For example willow bark tea has been used for centuries to relieve fever. Pharmaceutical companies identified the active compound and the result is Aspirin.

The benefits of using natural and non-toxic substances to strengthen and prevent illness are numerous.  Natural medicine can help strengthen the body’s own immune defences. Natural medicine and good nutrition promotes gut health by enhancing digestion and nurturing a healthy environment in which beneficial microbes thrive.  Our digestive tract accounts for 70 percent of the immune system.  When functioning well the immune system can repel any infection it encounters.

Conventional treatments often contain chemicals that can undermine gut health. They do this by killing off not only the bad bacteria but also kill off the beneficial microbes which then leaves the body vulnerable.  This is where natural medicine come to the fore. The products used are non-toxic, non-invasive with little to no side effects.

Functional testing can test for deficiencies, allergies and sensitivities. This enables the practitioner to find out what to eliminate that may be making you sick and exactly what your body may be deficient in and needs for optimal function.

Your natural medicine practitioner will look at the whole person not just the illness. The client will receive personalized care which works towards eliminating any illness. This ensures long-lasting wellness rather than merely suppressing symptoms.

We aim to get to the root cause of any illness. Educating the patient on how to regain and maintain health is an important part of natural medicine. The emphasis is on prevention of sickness. Empowering the patient to take control of your own health is a priority for the natural health practitioner.

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